Robotek 2.8.2

Robots fight!

Robotek takes turn-based battles and converts them into one-on-one tactical encounters. View full description


  • Looks amazing
  • Great gameplay


  • Computer gets lucky too often

Very good

Robotek takes turn-based battles and converts them into one-on-one tactical encounters.

With the goal of world domination in place, players will move from node to node, battling other robots. Robotek uses an interesting roulette battle system highlighting three things: importing other robots, defense, and attack.

The roulette system in Robotek contains three wheels with different options for each type of system. Each set has multiple options like the robot import containing three different types of robots that will assist during the fight.

Essentially light, medium, and heavy powered robots, they will attack along with the player during the attack system. The defense system contains options like repairing, hacking the other side's robots, or shields. With attacks, Robotek features different types of attacks that come from the user's robot or the assist robots.

Just like in roulette, having more of the same icon will be of greater assistance during the battle as robots can be leveled up, stronger defenses, and stronger attacks can be implemented. Robotek uses this system very well, creating a much more tactical experience than a simple turn-based button mash.

Also presenting some of the best in stylized “computer” graphics, Robotek is a wonderful blend of differing ideals. Not quite on the level of strict 8-bit imagery, there is a retro future style that fits the game perfectly. There is a lot of detail that may be missed, but the colors of Robotek are impressive.

Robotek is finely polished and technically impressive. The gameplay is tight and precise with the roulette system adding a fun level of chance to each turn. The best part of Robotek is that it is casual on the surface, but does get difficult at the perfect moments.

Robotek is a game not to be missed, especially on an Android tablet.


  • Auto-rotate screen.
  • Using true colors (16M) on selected devices.
  • Improved compatibility with high-density devices.
  • Compatibility fixes (Galaxy Note 10.1 on Jelly Bean).
  • Vertical sync support for smoother rendering on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).


Robotek 2.8.2